Penn Society of Psychedelic Science

The Penn Society for Psychedelic Science (PSPS) is a multidisciplinary student group at the University of Pennsylvania dedicated to the study of psychedelic science through multiple intellectual and philosophical perspectives. We seek to promote thoughtful psychedelic research and public awareness of its findings, including those related to the science, policy, and clinical applications.

Code of Ethics:

  1. The Penn Society of Psychedelic Science does not facilitate the creation, distribution, or ingestion of psychedelic substances where it is unlawful.

  2. We respect the right of each member to make their own decisions about psychedelics use.

  3. We will advocate that, if students do partake in psychedelics ingestion, that it is done under empirically-optimal conditions and where it is lawful.

  4. We strive to bring students together and create a transparent culture around psychedelics and their effects on our lives.

  5. We will recognize the negative effects of psychedelics use and causes for such negative effects.

  6. The Penn Society of Psychedelics Science recognizes the depth to which we are all equal, and does not discriminate based on ability, orientation, experience, race, culture, age, or any other demographic variable.